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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

The information presented on this site is of personal opinion and consequently is slanted and biased and not based on proper scientific research. The information presented is NOT written by a dental expert. Further the information presented has NOT been subjected to peer review by experts to verify accuracy and data integrity.

The cost of removing a typical wisdom tooth will vary depending on where you live. Likely the cost would be cheaper if you live in a small town with a small population. If on the otherhand you live in a large city especially on the east or west coast of the United States, you will likely have a much higher cost.

Even so, you should never base your decision of getting your wisdom teeth removed or a wisdom tooth extracted from an oral surgeon or dentist based on the price.

One source estimates that the range of the cost is $100.00 to $500.00 depending on the type of impaction. [1]

Another source estimates the the range of the cost is $100.00 to $400.00. [2]

Dr. Kazemi D.M.D. published a book in 2010 titled "The Wise Guide to Wisdom Teeth Extraction" and had Ingenix, Inc. do some research on typical costs. Depending on the type of impaction, they found the range for removal for one wisdom tooth is estimated to be between $242 to $878. [4]

One survey of 46 respondents found that oral surgeons charge 39% more than a dentist. [6]

Hence, as an estimate, the cost to remove one wisdom tooth is between $100 to $878.

You also need to take atleast a panoramic x-ray before any wisdom teeth extraction (and perhaps also a cone beam CT scan) a so that the oral surgeon can look at the teeth, structures, and nerves around it. In this website's author's experience this x-ray has cost around $80 to $100. The book mentioned above estimates a panoramic x-ray costs between $95 to $134, while a cone beam CT scan costs between $250 to $400. [4]

Another way to determine prices in your area online is to vist http://www.doctoroogle.com. They offer the ability to interacte with oral surgeons in your area. Click on the dental help link on their site after you find and click on your area. This is only available for the United States.

For example, in New York, one oral surgeon estimated the cost per wisdom tooth extraction would cost between $200 to $450.

It is also important to know that in addition to the costs already mentioned (ie. price per each tooth and imaging studies) you will also likely have to pay for anesthesia. You have a choice between local anesthesia, sedation such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. The price for IV (conscious) sedation is usually more expensive than nitrous oxide. The price for IV (conscious) sedation could range from $250 to $608 while the price for nitrous oxide could range from $40 to $175. Local anesthesia is usually included in the extraction per tooth cost. [1, 4]

You may also have to pay a consultation fee if the consultation does not occur on the same day as the extractions. This will depend on the oral surgeon as some may require a consultation on a prior day whereas others may allow for the consultation to occur directly before and on the same day of the surgery. If a consultation is done on a different day than when you have a wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth extracted it could cost between $95 and $150. [4]

If you pay cash one oral surgeon does offer a free consultation, a free panoramic x-ray, $149 for IV (conscious) sedation, and $175 for the removal of each wisdom tooth. [5]

If you have dental insurance you will likely not have to pay nearly as much as the prices above out of pocket.

All prices above are in USD.

Updated December 16, 2011

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