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Dry Socket - Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications

If you have a dry socket you should discuss with your oral surgeon steps to improve it. If you haven't already made an appointment regarding your dry socket do so.

The sockets can be packed or filled with a material by your oral surgeon to insulate exposed bone and help mimick what a blood clot would do.

1. Your oral surgeon can pack the socket with a dry socket paste or with bone graft material or surgical foam. Also, make sure you get a small syringe that you can use to clean food out of the holes in your gums. This will help with the pain.

2. Go to a pharmacy (or have someone on your behalf) and buy some ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol). This will help with the pain.

3. Don't spit and don't drink with a straw.

4. Don't smoke and be prepared if you decide to go out.

5. It may take several days before symptoms start to improve. It is important to stay in contact with you oral surgeon during this time and may require seeing the oral surgeon several times.

Antibiotics may also be considered. Refer back to the complications page for additional information on dry sockets occuring after wisdom teeth removal.

dry socket

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