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Living Well: My New Perspective on Life

We are often taught from a very early age that school is the primary way to learn. This explains why we have educational institutions in place thoroughout the world. However, school fails to teach us the key interpersonal relationship skills that we all need to succeed, be happy, and do well in this world.

When I was a youngster and growing up, my main goal and focus was to do the best I could possibly do in school. I thought that if I wanted to be happy and successful in life, I needed to get really good grades in school. So I spent my days going to school, while spending most of my time doing homework and studying for quizzes and tests.

As I continued to grow older and advance into middle school, and then high school, I was aware of the fact that I had some anxiety in social situations. But that didn’t bother me all that much, I mean I was smart and doing well in school, so what if I was extremely uncomfortable around girls.

Yet, these thoughts stayed with me, and because of them I became dissatisfied with myself and life.

Soon I reached my junior year in high school. I had some guys who I was friends with, but not any girls. I was reaching a new height in my life. I was now an upperclassman and it was marching band and cross country season, my favorite time of the year. I met this new girl who I really liked. Shortly, thereafter, I asked her out to a dance. However, it turned out she didn’t like me. So I got angry and discouraged with my life (which continued for years), even though I had everything else going for me. I just wanted her and thought if I had her everything would be amazing.

Now I know better.

The point of this story is to share with you a powerful message. Far too often in life people become discouraged and unhappy. There are way too many people suffering from depression and way too many divorces.

If you can breathe and look out into the world each day, you should be happy. You have absolutely no reason in the world to be unhappy. You are alive and living! Find things you are passionate about, and do them. Teach yourself new and interesting things. Love yourself for who you are not for who you think you could be. Stop wanting and wanting, for what you truly want, is what you already have, a chance to live.

-written on 7/31/07

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