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Doctors Don't Have All the Answers

In order to be a doctor, one must go through rigorous academics for a long time. Doctors attend four years of college, four years of medical school; complete a one year internship, and a two year residency.  

Being a doctor carries a high level of prestige in society. People look up to doctors and respect them greatly and they should.

However, that does not mean that doctors are not people too. They are motivated by their own desires and needs. Most honestly do care about healing all of their patients, but there are certainly some who have selfish desires. There is also a lot of controversy in different areas of medicine, where different doctors have different beliefs.

So who is right, and who is wrong? We simply just don’t always know. Just because one doctor, or one dentist, or one whatever who practices some form of medicine recommends something, does not mean it is always right for you.

It is important to seek out multiple opinions from different doctors in the specialty. Always go for a second opinion when it comes to your health, the single most important thing in your life. In some instances, it is even good to seek out a third opinion.

With this day and age, you can seek out other opinions on the internet by finding websites or discussion boards. It is certainly possible you will find something that no doctor even mentioned. Even so, remember never to believe everything on the internet, a lot of it is garbage.

Also keep in mind that often times the best doctors are the ones who don’t have any openings for weeks or even months and many of the best doctors are found in teaching hospitals.

Many times doctors do have the answers to your problems, but the world is full of uncertainty so do all in your power to find certainty.

-written 7/31/07
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